Reordering Objects

It may be a very stupid question, but I was stupid enough to fail doing it. I would like reordering the room objects in the left side object tree of the Quest editor. How may I reorder these objects?

In the web editor, every object (including the "Objects" at the top of the list) has an "Objects" tab showing the objects inside it. If you select an object here, you can click 'move up' and 'move down' to rearrange them. If you try to move an object above the object it's inside of, it probably on't work. There are also some other circumstances where an object won't move, but I haven't been able to figure out what causes it. Moving other objects past the 'stuck' one seems to help in this case.

Sometimes the pane at the left of the editor updates right away, sometimes it doesn't. If it doesn't, you can refresh the page (press F5) to update the left-hand object tree to match the order in the objects tab.

I assume it's different on the offline editor; but I can't try that because I don't have a Windows computer.

It's the same on the windows editor.

Put all of your traversable rooms inside of a dummy room. Then select the dummy room, and within its objects tab, reorder the traversable rooms however you like.

Sorry, mrangel. It is only working for objects inside the rooms, but not for reordering the rooms themselves.

Dcoder, I ended following your suggestion and created sub-folders. That was the best I could do. Now, mrangel's tip works.

Thank you, guys.

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