Failed to load game. The following errors occurred: Error: No template named 'remove'

That's the message I get whenever I try to launch the game. I'm new to this engine, so sorry if it's a stupid problem

Is this a fresh download and install?

If so (and if your internet connection isn't terribly slow, like mine is), you might try uninstalling it, downloading Quest again , then re-installing the new download.

If the download wasn't corrupted, you'll need help from one of our fellow forumers who is more knowledgeable than I. (One of said notables should be posting a comment any second now...)

Quest uses square brackets to denote template substitutions as part of the language support, and sometimes it can think that you want to use a template when you do not. I would guess somewhere in your game you have:


And Quest thinks you want to replace that with a template, but cannot find a template with that name. Not sure if it will work, but you could try this instead:


Yup, it's a fresh install and reinstalling didn't help. But thank you anyway

Thing is, I've just installed it and I haven't done anything with it - only tried to launch it straight away.

There is a "Remove" template that should be present - is it "remove" or "Remove" it is complaining about?

Are you doing this is another language?

If you download someone else's game, does that play okay?

It's "remove". I'm doing it in Russian. Yea, I'm able to play other games.

Just checked; the word for "remove" is missing from the Russian language pack. Not sure whose job it is to fix that properly. But to make it work for you, you can use Notepad or similar to open the file C:\Program Files (x86)\Quest 5\Core\Languages\Russian.aslx (or wherever that file is if you installed to a different directory)

Look for the line that says

  <verbtemplate name="wear">одеть</verbtemplate>

and add a line after it, in the same format, giving the word for "remove" (in the sense of taking off clothes).

Thanks, that fixed the problem!

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