Help making conversations

So I wanted to make conversations with an NPC and in my head it would go something like this
1- Talk about his career
2- Talk about his life

then if you clicked one, maybe it would enter another menu that's like
1-when he got the job
2- who's his boss

And how could I make one of these options be repeatable and another be a one-time thing? I'm completely ok with going another way but this char might have a looot of conversation so yeah if anyone can help me that'd be nice

First, a menu, like what you show, would be the easiest, but not the most elegant.
A better would embed the bits in the text, IE:
You sit at the bar and order a drink. Going on a previous clue, you ask the barkeep about the [cave] of the rat.
(get input)
(if result = "cave" then
msg "The Cave of the Rat is [rumored] to be in the [Dark woods]."
Rumor or rumored, and Dark, woods, or dark woods is the next bit for the conversation chain.

I will need to experiment on how to set this up.
(But I bet someone will beat me to it.)
My background is in Basic, so Quest is a bit alien to me, so I'm sure no one would do it the way I would.
But I think a "if tree" or a "switch" set would be the code to do this.

This may help you more than I can right now, but, it looks like it was written for an earlier version of quest.
and this:

If you are using the desktop version, you might find this library useful:

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