What is clone called as expression please? solved

I'm having so much trouble with clones, I'd love to know if i clone Raw Coyote Meat I know it would be called Raw Coyote Meat 1 or something? I'm trying to make it so killing the coyote clones the meat and makes the cloned one visible but whenever i think i'm doing it right i end up with two meats in the same room instead of one i'm a bit confused about clones!


Well for starters, when you clone something you can assign it directly to a variable. Like:

NewMeatClone=CloneObjectAndMove(CoyoteMeat, SomeRoom)

And then you can interact with it like:

MoveObject(NewMeatClone, SomeOtherRoom)
set NewMeatClone.alias="Fresh Coyote Meat"
MakeVisible (NewMeatClone)

Also, why are you getting two meats in the same room? Where is the original meat?

But to answer your original question, yes, it would. CoyoteMeat clones as CoyoteMeat1, CoyoteMeat2 etc. If you have an object that ends in numbers originally, like RandomBush13, then cloning it gives RandomBush14.

You can press the Debugger button at the top when playtesting your game to get a full list of every object currently in your game, and their attributes!

Thank you i'll try verything ;)

I used debugger it creates Raw Coyote meat1 and Raw coyote meat2

Edit: The original meat is in treasure room

Fixed it my good lad it was firing twice because of my function

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