Lockable/Unlockable actions


I would like to be able to make it so a player must input a password/passcode in order to unlock an action. For example, if the player needs to fight the villian, then when the player types in "Fight Villian" then the game will first prompt the player to input a password. If the password is correct then the player will "fight the villian". If not then the player cannot proceed and fight the villian.

I am super new to quest, so if you can give your advice in GUI form, that would be excellent. Thanks in advance!

Assuming "fight" is a verb on villain (actually, it doesn't matter - just do the following wherever the fight villain script is):

  1. Print message script "You need the proper password. Please enter it now" (or the like)
  2. Use Get Input script, then
  3. Add Switch script. In small box on top left of the switch script, type 'LCase(result)' without the quotes.
  4. Add case. Type "insert your password here" with quotes and put your proper password inside the quotes. If you have multiple passwords you can separate them with a comma like so: "1234","1324","1432", etc.
  5. In the script for this, add whatever you want to happen when they fight the villain.
  6. In the default (?) section at the bottom of the switch script, run whatever script you want when they input the wrong code.

Let me know if that helps. Forgive me, I'm doing this from my phone, not in front of Quest. :)

Perfect! Thank you so much!

Amazing! Thanks for sharing.


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