Update? I need the old version back. HELP!!!

I wanted to use this site to create a work flow so that I can have a flowchart of instructions with options to instruct me when I begin doing Notary. When I first started the only buttons on top were PAGE UNDO REDO COPY PASTE PLAY. In trying to create something similar I find that there is ROOM OBJECT UNDO REDO COPY PASTE PLAY.

I know I'm being a brat using this site in a completely off topic way but I found no easier app or program to do what I wanted to do and now everything has changed :(

Here's what I was working on http://play2.textadventures.co.uk/Play.aspx?id=editor/fa463cc7-2378-47e5-b638-84813d82e782%2fNotary+Flow.aslx

If you have "Room" and "Object" instead of "Page" then you've started your new project in text adventure mode, and the previous one in Gamebook mode.

You could also look at Squiffy.

You know when you first make your game? You might have clicked "text adventure" instead of gamebook.

Gamebook has pages.

Text adventure has rooms and objects.

(You can actually make a text adventure look like a gamebook. It's quite simple, you just set all the panes/windows to "0" in the options, and now no more optional panes. This is recommended if you want something complex like turn scripts, or combat.)

Edit: I'm actually not sure what you want. My mistake.

Use Creately flowchart creation software to draw your work flows or flowchart. They do have standard libraries for that. And editing is easy as in any other tool like paint. What do you want to know?

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