Edit Quick Help text?

When a player types "Help" during the game, there's a default set of text. Is it possible to edit this?

(Why, you ask? Well for example, part of the text says "Moving around: Press the compass buttons..." Maybe in my game, compass buttons are intentionally not displayed, and I don't want to create player confusion by suggesting they use something that isn't there. Or maybe I want to add text referencing a command that's unique to my game.)

Create a new command with the pattern Help and output your helptext

Pertex, unfortunately that doesn't work. It won't let me do that, saying "An element called 'help' already exists in this game." (And I did check to make sure it wasn't an element I had created and forgotten about! My game code does not contain the word 'help' anywhere, so it's something hard-coded.)

My bad -- not the NAME help, but the COMMAND PATTERN help. Exactly what you said. Thanks!

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