Creating a Main Menu before Game Starts.

Hello, again!

I (think)have a simple question.
So I'm creating a main menu before the game starts.
I believe I have it set up right. Is there a way for the main menu to run before the game identifies where the player is starting in?

The way I did it was I set the "main menu" in the "start script" section of the game.
like so:

msg (CommandLink("start game", "START GAME"))
msg (CommandLink("read manual", "READ MANUAL"))
msg (CommandLink("option 1", "OPTION 1"))
msg (CommandLink("option 2", "OPTION 2"))

And the player is starting in the character creation room, but when I test it out and play it looks like this:

So, how do I get just the main menu stuff to show first then, clear the screen(with I learned how), then start the next part, which as you can see, is creating the character?

Yeah, I did something like that with my Pokemon You Play As Young Harley Version game, a semi-interactive bully simulator.

Just disable the automatic room description.
Go to game, go to thr interface section. There's a few ways to do it. Either clock off the show panes panes button, or you keep it clicked, and click on the turn off options.

Alternatively, you can go to the room descriptions section, go down to room description layout and set all the options to 0..., or set all to 0 but one to 1, or set all to 0 but one to 1 and one to 2..., and so on. I recommend this option if you are picky on the panes' placements.

One question...
Why msg, your menu???
Why not just set them as command links in the first room description?
(OK, 2 questions, but they do ask the same thing.)

Hi jmnevil54,
That's not what I want to do.

Maybe I word it wrong but I'm trying to load just the main menu part first, the text about the character creation is on the second part/page. It shouldn't be showing yet.
Is there a way to do that? Or do I just need to create a different room and put the player in there?

I vote for 2 rooms...
That would be the easiest.
I don't think there is a room count limit in Quest.
Or more... (6 maybe)
Room 0: The menu.
Room 1: Start game
Room 2: Read manual
Room 3: Option 1
Room 4: Option 2
Room 5: Char generator (command Start sends you here)

@ Darklizard,

Well I was following a tutorial from
since I was trying to do the same thing but if I don't need it then I'll remove it.

Alright, thanks. I thought maybe I was doing something wrong but I guess I was overthinking it.

In programming... there are many paths to the same solution...
Some longer, some shorter, but none are wrong IF they get you to where you are going...

SetObjectFlagOff (game, "autodescription")
SetObjectFlagOn (game, "autodescription")

It works for me!

I created a room called 'title screen' with the following script:

PrintCentered ("PRESS ANY KEY TO START")
wait {
MoveObject (player, Shack Interior)

Shack Interior is my 'proper' start location.

It works as intended, except for one thing: My command bar, which I have set up to use a cursor, appears right above the "continue" link. Any way to not have it appear for that one scene only?

Thanks all!


Try these to hide/show the command bar:



That's awesome, thank you!

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