Opening an object

Im very very very very VERY new to this stuff and I am confused out of my mind.

I'm trying to make a WW2 text adventure game and everything is going smoothly but i tried adding a key to progress into a steel crate and I want it to be opened and then the key being visible. Everything looked find but then I tried to test it and it doesn't use the sound effect I added and it doesn't show the key, just saying "> open steel box Steel Box"

I have no clue what I have to do to make it work...

OK, can you show us the game?

This is a very vague description, it makes it difficult to work out what the actual problem is.

Have you made the crate a "Closed container"?
You mention a sound effect; where have you put this?

Like mrangel said you have to make the Steel Box a Closed Container. From the object Steel box on upper right their different tabs one of these tabs reads features, click on this then find "Container" in features tab and check this box. Once you do this a new tab will appear reading Container open this tab now you will see the container type click this and choose closed container, now below a bunch of options open up check the box that states " List Children when looked at or opened" now just put the key in box by dragging key to box then there you go. Now to add sound just below that add script to run after opening and place sound in there.

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