Unresolved text?

from what I understand if the conditions of a script command are not met then the unresolved text is printed.
This does not seem to be happening.
For example if I was to type GO DOOR when standing in a forest then I'd expect the unsolved text of "THERE ARE NO DOORS HERE" to be displayed after the script has checked for a door at the current location.

The unresolved text is printed if Quest is unable to resolve an object.

So if the pattern for the command is go #object# and the player types the name of an object that isn't present or doesn't exist, the unresolved string will appear.

If your command has the pattern go door then no resolution takes place - it is up to your script to check for doors and display an appropriate message.

Hi mrangel

So this would be like typing a certain adverb followed by any noun
Dig #object#
would be suitable for dig potatoes, dig weeds, dig garden etc.

That solves my problem on how to cover the player when typing Dig (any), Drink (any), etc; so that a object that is not in a pattern falls back on a certain message in the 'no resolution' being displayed. Useful.

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