Printing object list again

Hi there!
So the player is in the room and after few actions an object appears. The point is, there is no information that it is there. It appears on the right, where all objects are listed but if player doesn't look there he won't know about it. Therefore I want the list of objects (that appear when entering the room) was printed again, including the new object.
Thanks in advance!

If an object appears, wouldn't it make sense to print a message like "A basket of fruit suddenly appears on the table" or something like that?

If the object list just prints again, it's likely to leave the player wondering why. It seems like an odd kind of interface design to redisplay the list, when it would feel more natural and be more useful to the player just to tell them what has changed.

That said, if you really want to redisplay the list, you can do:

msg (FormatObjectList(game.pov.parent.objectslistprefix, GetNonTransparentParent(game.pov.parent), Template("And"), "."))

Well, you're kinda right. But when I print a message like this the 'basket of fruit' won't product a list of actions when you click it, will it? I want for a player to know that there is a new object to interact with. I want that mostly because when I showed my friends my previous short game they were so into it that they even didn't notice the menu on the right. Just want to make sure no one will stuck just because an object didn't appear where the game takes place.
I hope what I say is understandable ;)

Try using

A {object:basket of fruit} suddenly appears on the table.

Replace 'basket of fruit' with whatever your objects alias is.

Replace 'basket of fruit' with whatever your objects alias is.

The name in the {object: command should be the name of the object; but the clickable link that appears to the player will show the object's alias.

It worked Guys, thank you so much! :D

Thanks mrangel, my bad. That's what I meant to say.

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