Pixie - Compass Rose - Update?

Hi Pixie.

Came across this earlier tonight.


Are there any plans for making it a more permanent addition to Quest in the next update.

No. I suggested it to Alex when he was in charge, and he said it would make the compass part less obviously a compass, and when I thought about it, I agreed.

Yes, I see what you mean, it does look a bit cluttered. However, I do like the idea of a central 'look' button, and the position of the compass - top right, so that it doesn't move, as apposed to halfway down when it keeps moving whenever something changes in the 'Inventory' or 'Places and Objects' panels.

The next version of Quest will have an option to put it at the top. It will also have an option command panel you could add a look button to.

Could the compass / inventory panel be selectable like the room description info?
IE: The user selects what panels to display and in what order?
Perhaps even a user panel so that the user can select how/what they want to show?
Like: I want the panel order to be:
player inventory
camp inventory (user designed)
But "Joe" just wants the compass and nothing else
And "Sam" wants:
player.HP (as a bar) green from 100% to 50%, yellow from 49% to 20% and red >19% ( could be a multiple colored bar, or a solid colored bar that changes colors depending on player settings...) and overlaid current.HP/max.HP
player.MP (as a bar) solid blue with text overlay current.MP/max.MP
compass (N,E,S,W only)


You will be able to select them individually. You will be able to add custom command and custom status commands (so you could implement the HP gauge yourself quite easily). You will be able to change the colours.

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