How do I prevent my characters from exiting until a certain time?

I want to make an exit appear at a certain time in the story. I want my player to have to talk to everyone in a camp to be able to progress, not have any exit from their location (say a forest camp) when they first get there or "wake up", then create an exit only after they have spoken to all other party members. Is there any way to set that up?


I'm sure there are a lot of ways to do this. One way is that every time you talk to a new person you can set a flag. Then beneath this you can have an if script with a list of all the flag names. Every time you talk to a new person the if script will check to see if you have all the flags and when you do you can have it unlock an exit, or make an exit visible.

Here is what it will look like to have multiple flags, just add as many flags as there are people:
if (GetBoolean(object, "flag name") and (GetBoolean(object, "next flag name")))

In the editor it will look like this:
if /expression/ GetBoolean(object, "flag name") and (GetBoolean(object, "next flag name"))
Make Visible/ Exit/ Exit name

I am sure others will jump in with cleaner ways of doing this, but this way is pretty easy if you are mostly using the editor.

create the exit as normal... but set it as hidden...
then, after you talk to everyone, make the exit visible...
I use that trick in my Dark Halloween game.

You can always move the player to a different room. You can also choose/change different objects to be the player.

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