Need Help! Attempting to make items removable from description.

By this I mean, when you initially walk into a room you can be greeted by the description of objects enclosed there, what I want to happen is the removal of these objects from the description if the player has picked up one of the items. If it can be compromised to a list type of thing at the end of the description then that's fine, I just want it to work like this when playing:

You are in a bedroom that has a bedside table with a pocket knife and a small snow globe.
->"take knife"
You are in a bedroom that has a bedside table with a small snow globe.

See this is essentially how I want it to go, I am extremely new, but I'm starting to catch on, please in your answer I would appreciate minimal jargon and more explanation. Thank you.


I'm new too, so someone else will probably chime in with a better answer. But, this should happen automatically. The object is moved into your inventory, and then if you look it is no longer in the room description. You can also add in an if script... so: if player is carrying (object) then msg - and type in a specific description for the room. This is nice if moving an object allows a player to notice something they wouldn't have otherwise.

Edited to add: go to the left of your screen, scroll up to game, then click on the interface tab. Make sure show panes is clicked. Then go to room description and click automatically generate room description. If it is still not working, go to each object and make sure they are visible, and NOT part of scenery.

Ok well, this makes sense of course but I was hoping to keep it a very simple game with commands showing the inventory, possibilities for exits... etc. So I've done the action of allowing the room description to be automatic (only showing objects) but a problem lies herein an object I have named "underneath bed". If possible can I keep storage containers invisible for the generated description and have it in my own description.
I want to do this due to it looking ugly when "an Underneath Bed" is listed.


If you go to the object and click scenery in the "setup" tab it won't show up in the description, but the player can still interact with it. You can also get rid of the "an" by clicking OFF "use default prefix". Leave it blank, and it will show up just as "underneath bed."

If you do want it in the description, but want it to look less clunky, go to the objects "object" tab, and add an alias that the player will see as its name. For instance, you could call it "shadows under the bed" and give it the prefix some. So, in the description a player would read: You see a bed, and some shadows under the bed.

Thank you very much J_J, I think I can go from this with much more confidence, hope to see you again in the near future.

Click on GAME then FEATURES , click third from bottom IN ROOM DESCRIPTIONS
Go to the object, SETUP, Near bottom is IN ROOM DESCRIPTIONS. You can add an extra in room description which vanishes when the object is taken. You must be careful to blend it in so it does not look out of place.

Building on what J_J said, tick the objects as scenery so they do not show up in the normal list. Then in the room description, use a text processor command to check if they are scenery, and add to the room description if they are.

You are in a room. {if ball.scenery:There is a ball in the corner}. You can see a table{if book.scenery: with a book on it}.

When the player takes the object Quest will automatically stop them being scenery.

Thanks for the help everyone, I've already solved the issue but thank you for the explanations. I have also started a discord (messaging site) server for people to discuss things like this, here's the invitation:

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