Please, Break My Stuff! (A Public Service Announcement)



Please, break my stuff! (Or at least try to break it!)

I only think my code works because I write it. I know what to do with it, so I rarely find the bugs.

Whenever I post code, I'm hoping someone says, "hey! Your code sucks because ____!"

I don't aspire to know everything, and I'm never out to prove that I'm right and anyone else is wrong. My goal is to see the truth. To know that what I do know is actual fact. If what I believe to be flawless is error-prone, I want to know so I can dig deeper and learn why and how everything is doing what it's doing.

Also, I only have one feeling at my age, and, if you can hurt it (which you can't), I would consider it a favor. (That one, last bit of humanity gets me into trouble every day!)

Anyway, yeah...

If you spot any bugs in my stuff, please, don't hesitate to point it out!

Knowing is half the battle!!!

(Go J.O.E.!)

  • (Go J.O.E.!)

Is that copyright infringement?!?

Hahaha. I couldn’t resist! 😏


Not when it's in parentheses, Lestrade!



Someone break this:

(I know there's at least one bug in it.)

There's bound to be something I missed in this one, too:

In Pixie's Quest- after the fox leaves the first location, if you then type 'look' it wrongly describes it as being there again. You need to split the static location description and the one off event of the fox arriving.


Thank you!

I'll fix that! (That wasn't even one of the known bugs!)

I'm assuming it's all unbreakable!


As Stephen King is fond of saying:

"Never assume. It makes an ass out of you and me."


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