'You are in a room' repeats itself twice? Please help


in my text adventure i have moved my player to another room with "move object 'player' to object 'room' ". When i play and get moved into the next room, the words 'you are in a room' repeat twice. Does anyone know how to fix?


It might be necessary to take a look at the game in question to work out why this is happening.

I had a similar trouble when the player in my game entered rail station with no fare money . If not carrying cash go to outside station. You are in—- printed double
I resolved it by using ‘run a script instead of moving player’ option on exit to station.
Player did not move at all unless had cash. But printed message said he did and went out again. I still don’t know why the double ‘you are in’ occurred . I can’t do coding.
I don’t know if this is your problem but It might be? Anyway someone else probably knows

If you have the player moved in a room's description script or in room enter scripts, it causes the player to be moved again, causing the room description to be printed again. In general, it is better not to use these scripts to move the player.

There are a few ways you can work around this, such as setting game.showdescriptiononenter to false for the second move, but the details will depend on which script you are using, and which room's description you want to appear.

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