QuestKit, Quest JS, Quest 6 : Which one to tinker with?

QuestKit appears to be seriously Squiffy-like, which is cool, but most Quest users are all about GUI, am I right?

Quest JS eats .quest files and spits out sometimes playable HTML (and HTML-related) files.

This is the coolest of the three, I think, but that's only because it's the one I can get the most out of. (I have converted two games, both of which play well in Chrome and Firefox.)

Quest 6 was supposed to be cross-platform, if I read everything correctly.

I can build the editor in Visual Studio 2015, and it works perfectly fine. The games it outputs also work perfectly fine in the 5.7 player.

I can run the following commands in a terminal, open my browser and point it to the correct location, and it sort of works, but it only likes one-room games, and that one room has to be bare bones. (Basically, if I change anything besides the game's title, nothing works.)

    npm install
    gulp asl4
    npm run web

Now navigate to http://localhost:8080/?file=blank.aslx

I can create a game in the Quest 6 editor, publish it, extract game.aslx from that, drop it into the Player subdirectory of Quest 6, and it will load and respond to normal commands. AGAIN, as long as I add NOTHING but a title, though.

I installed MonoDevelop and a Mono Visual Basic compiler in my Linux OS, but I can't get the Quest 6 editor to build with either. (I got closer trying to build 5.7 with MonoDevelop than I did trying to build 6.)

Back to QuestJS...

I assume its problem is with the text processor stuff, since it's new, but that's just a WILD theory.

It works well on older games (pre 5.7), but I haven't really tested out anything made with 5.7 that didn't include text processor stuff (or wearables... I wonder about that, too).

Overall, the editor is what we REALLY want to work outside of Windows. We want that GUI, right?

Are there any success stories at all?

I know that I can't get Quest to even open under Wine, and I've read other posts saying the same thing.

The Quest 6 editor has no 'link' to a player, either. The player requires a host.

I don't pretend to know what I'm doing, but I learn fairly quickly, I'm bored, and I want Quest to run under Linux.

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