First Quest game -- Need help

This is probably such a common problem, but I'm still so freaking new to this whole thing so I'm not even sure how I would look for an existing topic here.

Here is the issue. There is an "Ask About" that is not working. The player should be able to ask the other character about his cane, but it isn't working and I have... no clue what I did wrong. Should I try it as an expression?

I don't know. Pfftt...

You should put ask name of character about cane.

ask Aedin about Cane

There should be a new tab that says "ask/tell." If it's not there, maybe recheck to see if you checked the box, and/or reload the game.

Once you have asked a person about something using his/her name, the player can use ' ask him/ her about--- ' for further questions.

Haha! It works! The game:

You lot are so smurt.

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