How do I give an object to multiple N.P.C.s?

There may be a simple to answer the question I have, I just want to make sure that I am right in my assumption. So for the object that I would want to give to the n.p.c.s I would run handle objects individually under give this to (other object). I would then put in the object names for each npc and then run the script that happens when you give it to that npc correct? So TLDR for example; I give npc Sally a paintbrush she says "this reminds me of my childhood." I gave the paintbrush to npc George he says "My daughter always loved painting as a kid, it brings back better times." (that's essentially what I am trying to do right now.)


Sounds like you've got it.

Select the NPC from the object tree on the left of your window, go to the Features tab of the NPC, and select Use/Give.


Then click on the Use/Give tab that magically appears. It sounds like you want to handle objects individually when giving them to something, so look towards the bottom and set that up:


Select the NPC:


From there, you can add your script.


Repeat for each NPC.

This link I'm including has nothing to do with giving anything to anyone, but it does show us some neat tricks to make the NPCs more responsive.

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