create a walkthrough in online version of Quest?


My new game is getting pretty long and testing it is taking a lot of time, is there anyway to create/record a walkthrough with the online version so I don't have to keep going through the earlier parts of my game over and over again (just moving the player doesn't help as needs events to be triggered and objects obtained etc).


I believe there is another thread of this. I can't find it though. I think it said something about adding a command (like a help command or a cheat command), and something about most games online being too short or too simple for a walkthrough.

Edit: Here.

Have you tried saving?


Doesn't work.
I just tried it...

Check this out (from

No Walk-Throughs

The walk-through facility offers a quick way to get through the first half of your game so you can test the second half. You have no walk-throughs in the on-line editor, but you could create a command to jump you to the right place, though you would need to be careful to set any applicable attributes that would be set by that point.

Example command to set each attribute and drop you in the right spot...

Command pattern:


Sharp Axe.parent = player
loose stone.hasbeenmoved = true
MoveObject (player, City Plaza)
pigeon Jon.fed = true
pigeon Jon.healed = true
RemoveObject (message)
RemoveObject (pigeon Jon)
MakeObjectVisible (General)

Then, just adjust that command's script accordingly.

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