Idea for a editable random name generator

Name generators really helped me out forging my lore. My problem with name generators are their limited name lists. So, how about creating a own list of names, with already existing lists and their combination?

So, I just wonder is it possible to paste a big list of text and split it into a list; each word a new list entry?

If I could do that I see a way to get a name generator with the possibility to set random names combined with adjectives, titles, ranks or maybe colors. And I could insert the locations of my fantasy game to get random titles containing the birthplace of some characters.


If you can get your list like this it would be easy:

item one;item two;item three;item four

Then, you could just paste that into game.pasted_list = Split ("PASTE_TEXT_HERE", ";"), which would look like so:

game.pasted_list = Split ("item one;item two;item three;item four", ";")

Or you could paste a normal text list into an object's look text field:

item one
item two
item three
item four

Then, you could do:

game.my_new_list = Split(object.look, "<br/>")
game.my_new_list = ListExclude(game.my_new_list, "")

Nice, the second method should work.

If you can get your list like this it would be easy:
item one;item two;item three;item four

I don't see a way to get a list in this format without typing each '';'' by myself.


I don't see a way to get a list in this format without typing each '';'' by myself.


Thanks, I didn't knew Notepad++ can do that.

Very useful to know this codes. Where can I see what the \r is?
I figured out \n is a newline and \t is a tab space, both was useful.

literally for google search (lol): \r

from ( ):

\r (Carriage Return) - moves the cursor to the beginning of the line without advancing to the next line

\n (Line Feed) - moves the cursor down to the next line without returning to the beginning of the line - In a *nix environment \n moves to the beginning of the line.

\r\n (End Of Line) - a combination of \r and \n

lots of the keyboard stuff is from the old days of the type writer and its keys/functions: --- scroll down to the 'terminology' section/category, and, --- see the left most column: dec 8 to maybe dec 15, not clear what the 'shift in/out' are referring to, as it could be bit manipulation 'shifting' operations or the left/right tabbing using 'SHIFT+WHATEVER_KEY/S')

usually the backslash key:


is known as an 'escape character' in programming, which is a special command for doing various things (depends on what character/symbol comes after it):

the 3 main full-bore programming languages' escape sequences (commands):

  1. 'C++' programming language:

  2. 'Java' programming language: (scroll down to the 'Escape sequences' table)

  3. 'Python' programming language: (see the escape sequences table)

If you are feeling brave, you can even do Regex search and replace in Notepad++. You can find lists of names on the internet, eg:

Then use replace to remove all the extraneous stuff and replace with XML so it is formated as a Quest list, which you can then insert into full code view of your game. With a plugin, I think you can convert them all to title case too.



The Regex for a line break in Windows is \r\n, but in Linux (and Mac, too, I think) it's just \n. That's where problems come in when using a file created in one system on the other.

This side project turns out to become bigger as I thought. I made the whole day name lists of different cetegories and I got more ideas to implent.
I've made a list of many terrains and regions (hill, lake, slope, forest, beach etc.) and colors. At the moment I try to make of list of name titles which make sense and a list of suffixes (the eagle, the unbroken, the blade, etc.) but this kind of list efforts some read through. As I made suffixes with things like wolf, eagle or sparrow I thought a list of animals and my fictional creatures make sense too.

this is an interesting system, and I've tried to start designing one, to help you with, but it's ending up being more complex than I thought (or that I end up trying to design it as, lol), so I've abandoned it for now, as it's going to take a lot of work and thought for me to try to design a 'generator' system. Hopefully, KV and Mrangel and Pixie, will make some posts for me to study/read/get-ideas-from, as this is going to otherwise be a challenge for me, though this is definitely a system I'm going to need myself, for my RPG I'm working on (at a snail's pace), lol.

there is the Diablo games to study, as they use prefixes and suffixes for their equipment system, but a total and dynamic (names/labels/titles/descriptions/etc, equipment, etc) 'generator' system, that I want for my RPG, is going to be even more complicated for me to try to design, lol.


@ Pixie:

wow, that's a great site, thanks for those links (site also has python programming links, hehe)!

it's really interesting/sad how names disappear into extinction/oblivion/obscurity and only a few new names become popular and become so often used, it wipes out much diversity and names, completely from existance, as time passes.

names that were popular in my day, are completely gone now, I've not encountered many people with names that were so popular in my day.

of course there's the demographic changes (ingress/degress of immigrants/emigrants) with any country, which highly influences the names, but still there's just a lot of names that disappear from existance, regardless of dynamic demographics.

(the same is true of human languages, like 6000 human languages disappear forever every year or whatever, we're consolidating into one language, eventually, which is good for practicality, but sad that all that diversity is disappearing, as diversity has its merits too)

really fascinating, really smart linguist, really interesting information from this guy about human languages and etc

I haven't opened the links yet. Just my names list contains 6000+ different fantasy and mediaval like names right now.

I just started but that's a great idea. Haven't thought about item names but this should be possible if get anything done.
For the beginning I've created a new game for testing things, just for the generator. I'll try to make some menus to choose which aspects the name should have. Not really sure this will work or is the best way; The idea is, first I choose how many words. Then choose for each word the list to retrieve a part of the name.


1st word [metal list]
2nd word [weapon list]
3rd word [item suffix list]

Which may turn out as:

Bronze Dagger of Anger
Iron Hammer of Doom
Mithril Mace of Luck

I haven't thought of any metals or weapons lists yet but I like the idea. Also, a list of martials could be used for armor and clothes.

here's a RPG resource link (just trying to compile many RPG stuff into one place):

you can use any of it you want, and/or expand it... though I think need to make new thread as it's closed off due to being on a long hiatus, lol.

No doubt, it is a useful thread. Also I would definitely expand the some lists... It is kinda my personal lists for my lore.

I'm looking for the ...
Fabric Shield of Cutting...
(Think about it)

I haven't seen any problem. I would never put a offensive suffix to a shield. And there's a reason I choose "Metals". And not Textiles...
And I won't put a shield into the weapons list.

So... you have separate list for: armor, shields and weapons???
That would prevent cross defined items...
(It was the worst case example I could think of... I thought it could have been funny)

Yes, I had it planned.
The story is, my computer died in an explosion two weeks ago. I played Overwatch and out of the sudden a light flash, a loud "peng!", and a molten Mainboard. Restoring my hard drive is pretty expansive because it had heat damage too... And I have no access to a Windows system or Notepad++

wow... was you computer/parts old and/or did it meet the required specs for the game (overwatch) ???

or were you trying to over-clock your computer without liquid cooling system?

or plugged it into a socket with too much volts/amps/whatever-the-term?

as that (over-heating or electronic failure) otherwise shouldn't happen...

I have really no clue. I played OW since the release without problems, also games with much, much higher specs. And I hadn't any liquid cooling system.
But restoring my data cost around 300 $ :-(

They managed to rescue 95% of data. Before they started it will cost between 35 $ and 300 $, they said.

ya, unfortunately, repairs (and/or malware/virus/etc removal/etc) are expensive, especially how deep the repair/damage is for the computer/parts

that really sucks... why it's good if you can to back up everything important, just so you don't lose it... and/or reducing cost (backing up data should be cheaper than rescuing data, lol, else it'd be better to just rescue the data, lol)

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