Text Adventure as Gamebook Character Creation Problem

I started making my game in the gamebook feature, but it didn't work with inventory, so I'm working to change it over to a text adventure.
I made the text adventure look like a gamebook (getting rid of the command bar, etc.) to keep the link-based system I had going earlier because it is the main mechanic of my game. However, this makes it so that I can't use the code I had to choose the name for your character. I changed it in as many ways as I could think possible, but I believe the issue is that the "get input" function needs the command box, which I told the system not to use. I might be wrong and I certainly don't understand code, but it's a conjecture nonetheless.
TLDR; I want to be able to (if it fixes my actual problem) open the command bar for one room only and keep it closed for all of the rest.
Thank you in advance for your help!

Rather than making one room with a command bar (which is fine), I create a function to show the command bar, clear the screen and a few other framing touches.
I call this function "ViewObjectScreen"

request (Show, "Command")
request (Hide, "Panes")

This gives me a blank page to do as I like for character creation.
I can then call another function I created, when done with character creation.

request (Hide, "Command")
request (Show, "Panes")

Returning you to your original set up with room description...
Hopefully you can make functions?

I'd probably try something like:

msg ("What is your name?")
get input {
  player.alias = result

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