Automatically generated ‘choice’ menus are blank

Hello, and thank you in advance for whatever advice you can offer! I’m having some trouble with the automatically generated object lists when either using an object without specifying a second object (ie ‘Shoot slingshot’) or something like ‘look at vines’ when you’re carrying a coil of vine in a room where there’s already a visible scenery object ‘hanging vine.’

The problem is that the menus are all blank. For example: (shoot slingshot) at which object? 1, 2, 3 will appear, but there are no object names listed beside the numbers. However, if you select any one of the numbers they will correspond to an object in the room (choosing 1 refers to a tree, 2 to a wall) and the relevant action will occur normally.

I feel like there is a step I’ve missed somewhere in the game settings. I’ll mention that all of the objects in question have names and aliases, as well as alternative names, and all are visible (though some may not be taken and/or are scenery).

I’ve searched the forums for several days and haven’t come across an answer, but I’m also new to Quest and so I’m not sure exactly what questions to ask or keywords to look for.

Thanks again!

I can't figure this one out; no initial guesses how it could be happening.
Could you share a link to the game so I can take a look at what's going on under the surface?

A few other things to check that might give a clue:

  • Does displaying object links (generated by {object:objectname} work correctly?
  • Do menus generated by ShowMenu appear correctly if the options are:
    • a stringlist
    • an objectlist
    • an objectdictionary

Hi! After investigating {object:objectname} I've stumbled across the solution - and it's so simple that I'm almost embarrassed to mention it! The hyperlink colour (game > display > hyperlinks > link colour) was set to Black, and since I'm using a black background in order to simulate a classic game interface the link text was invisible, even though the numbers beside them were visible. Since I've not been using object hyperlinks up until this point, it only became an issue when a menu came into play.

Everything works perfectly now; I'll chalk it up to user error!

Here's a link to the game just in case:

I'll post an updated game file shortly.

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