Using Alias's in the Ask command?


This might be on the forum maybe but i've been trying to figure out how to get alias's to work on the ask command.

I have alias's on NPC's so that the player can name them and then I want them to be able to ask that NPC about another NPC by using the name that they called them so having them type the name instead of typing like Player1.alias in the text field.


It should work without doing anything extra.

Quest will normally check the aliases just like it checks the actual object names.

No, I misunderstood you.

You want to allow the player to set an alias during play then have that string be recognized in another NPC's "Ask about" script.


Let's say you have an object called NPC1, and the player can set that object's alias during play.

You also have an NPC2 object, and you want the player to be able to ASK NPC2 ABOUT NPC1, but you want the player to be able to use NPC1's alias.

You might be able to put {NPC1.alias}as the key in NPC2's ask about script, but I can't test that right now.


Just tested. That doesn't work.

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