I'm making a computer that needs power and needs to be turned on before it gives you a code, but it's not working!

I saw once, cant find it anywhere, where using 1 object, required something else as well...
But, that aside...
Q) how do you give it "power"???
When you "give it power", add a verb to the computer for "turn-on".

Or, when you "turn-on" the computer, it responds with "Nothing happens without power."
or just simply... "Nothing happens"
When the player adds power, the "turn-on" message would be (what ever it is should say)

DL is correct.

Here are a couple of links with more detailed instructions:

never mind i fixed it :) btw you need to use the power cord on the computer and then use the computer.

I still need help, though. How do I make an unlockable door? Don't just send me to the guide it doesn't help!

I have a few imgur pictures. These are for the online version of Quest.

...oh. Thanks a lot! that's sooo simple.

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