It is possible to add a secret room (invisible but that exists) ? I Wanted to create a secret room where you can go in it only by a special word that opens the access to the room..like an easter egg. Thanks in advice
-ITSLEO (actually working on an innovative text adventure game in Quest)

Firstly you can set the visible feature on the 2 way exits linked to the room, then depending on the room your are in you can create a custom command tied to that secret phrase that can move the player to the secret room through the exits using MoveObject().

If you want the secret word to open a hidden door, you can make an exit invisible. Then have a custom command for your secret word, that makes the exit visible again.

If you want a room that you access directly by saying a secret word, then you can make a command that takes you there.

Thank you! And sorry for my english, i'm Italian :P

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