Sound not playing on published quest

I've added images and sound to almost every page on my quest. However, after publishing, the images are all there, but the sound does not play. Any one have any idea why this might be? Thanks all



I just realized that your issue might not have anything to do with browser compatibility. You might just need add a format to your 'publish file extensions' thingy:

If that isn't the solution, read on.

WARNING: My answer will be a bit discouraging, but honest. (None of this is Quest's fault, by the way. It's browser drama.)

If you are playing your game in the Windows desktop version of Quest, you can only play WAV or MP3 files from the play sound script, but it can only play WAV or OGG files from HTML audio elements (no MP3).

This is because:

  1. Quest's play sound script only looks for WAV or MP3 files. (It was just written that way, I'm afraid.)
  2. Quest has the Chromium browser built into it, but it is an older version of Chromium which was released when MP3 was not a free format. (

...but wait! It gets worse!

If you are playing the game online, which browser are you using? That makes a difference. Also, is it a mobile browser? (That would be an additional can of worms.)

Another "issue" is that all the different browsers (except for the one built into the desktop version of Quest) are constantly updated. In fact, I'm pretty sure some of the information in Quest documentation concerning audio in a mobile browser is out of date.

I learned to avoid adding any audio (or video) which the player would actually need to hear (or watch) to progress in the game. (It took me quite a while, but I learned.)


I say I learned to avoid using audio, but, in one case, I was quite fond of one bit of audio. So, I included it in the game, but I also made sure to print some text which would let anyone who couldn't hear the audio know (A) that audio could be "heard" in the game world and (B) what exactly could be heard -- which was a clue needed to successfully complete the game.

I discovered that sound samples shorter than 1 second (Approx) will be happily accepted and uploaded into your game but then don't play!

Another problem I found was having 2 sounds play consecutively (between text statements in game) and either one sound wouldn't play at all or the game would hang. I made sure the "yes" tab was making the sound finish on both sounds and this seemed to work.

Quest doesn't seem to like large sound files either, so I had to reduce the sounds to loopable smaller ambiances. A bit annoying, but it works.

Not sure if any of this helps you, but it is stuff I learned trial and error on my own.

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