help, unable to use objects

so im trying to make two objects in this case some paint(object1) and paper(object2) merge together to make artwork(object 3)

I go into the paint objects setting toggle use/give and I've tried doing it on both use and give and neither work I don't know what I'm doing work but I'm using this as the code
use (other objects) on this

handle objects individually
paper AddToInventory (artwork) | MoveObject (paint, desk) | MoveObject (paper, desk)

but when I run the game and try to click use on the paint all it says in you can use this...and then If i try and type, I've tried doing it backwards where i give the paper the command but that's doesn't work..I've tried giving both the paper and paint the command and it doesn't work..I've tried to change it to give but that also doesn't work i just don't know what to do now

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