Struggling already and I've barely started.

As the title suggests. I'm stuck.
Game starts in a dark room with visibility limited to outlines and the stuff on a bedside table. On the side table is a lamp and clock. Clock doesn't do anything. Lamp needs to:
When the lamp is off the door to the corridor can't be accessed and neither can anything else. When it's on the player can access other things in the room and the door to leave. No idea how to write the scripts for that.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Ah, also... I want the player to be able to flick the lamp on and off. Though at the moment the player can only turn it on once before it remains in an 'off' state.

In the tutorial there is a whole section on using light and dark, it's easy to follow and helped me out when I had a similar problem

Yea... with no past programming experience, Quest, I believe, has a steep learning curve... then the creativity can really bloom!!!

even if you entirely use the GUI/Editor, game-making, still requires you to understand if/boolean/etc code logic stuff, even if you never touch coding.

first learn to use quest via the tutorial
next you can additionally do XanMag's tutorial and Onimike's youtube tutorial videos
then, though you got to learn Attributes and the 'if' Script usage, to really open up the ability to make a game.

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