Been working on a huge Quest game for years, but I need to know something important!

I've seen posts about this but just wanted to ask again: does a Quest gamebook HAVE to be played here? If so, is there a way to embed it or convert it? Is there a way to make it more accessible than just through this platform? Can it be converted for mobile? Can I host it myself using your code? Or am I locked into the two options: 1) MUST download the Quest client or 2) I MUST make my game work through your web stuff?

Thanks in advance!

You've been working on this for years without ever wondering about this before?

Also, it's all there in the tutorial:

A Quest game can be played through this site, the desktop application or by hosting it on your own web server. With the latter one of course requiring you to have a server first. But it is possible to have it being played through a different website.

Also, since Qest is released under MIT license, there is nothing that stops you from editing the desktop application in such a way that you can compile it together with your gamebook to one usable executable whilst leaving out all the unneeded fluff.

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