Suggestion for lookat

A thought, to make the text processor behave a little more intuitively.

In CoreCommands.aslx, in the lookat command, we have:

      if (HasString(object, "look")) {
        lookdesc = object.look

Would it maybe be beneficial to change this to

      if (HasString(object, "look")) {
        lookdesc = object.look
        game.text_processor_this = object

That way, a naive user could put {this.hitpoints} or similar in an object's description, without having to add extra code or modify lookat itself. This could be pretty useful when cloning monsters to fill a dungeon.
(sorry if this is already in 5.8; it just crossed my mind, and I don't have a copy here)

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Looking at this again, I wonder if it might be sensible to do the same for defaultverb; setting text_processor_this to the object before invoking the verb. Or even in the parser, have text_processor_this set to the object whenever a command with a single object parameter is executed.

I think this could save some headaches, while adding no extra work for users who want to set their own this.

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