How do you remove the your in a room in the start of everyroom?

Pls help, I'm still new and learning

(filler for getting my edited post, updated/posted)
(again, filler for getting my edited post, updated/posted)

on the left side of the screen, in the "tree of stuff":

roughly, looks like this:

-> game <--------- click on this, so it is highlighted, to see its Tabs on the right side
->-> Verbs
->-> Commands
-> room
->-> player
-> javascript (JS)
-> libraries
-> object types / types

'game' (this is a special and required built-in Object for controlling game-wide/global game settings, has a few special features like the 'start' script and the 'pov', and also for displaying the publishing info: author, version, first published, difficulty, description, subtitle, category, cruelty, etc) -> 'features' Tab -> 'room descriptions' (I think) -> toggle (check/uncheck) the boxes as desired (and for order placement, I think at the bottom, you set numbers for their placement order, and 0 for not displaying it)

these are game-wide/global controls within the 'game' Object (mostly under the 'Features' Tab, I think)

this has all of the controls/options (found in using the GUI/Editor with its nice buttons, drop downs, and etc) for the 'game' Object: (it's good to start getting a bit into coding, and comparing this code-wise resource to using the GUI/Editor, hopefully helps "dipping your toes in", lol)

here's the tutorial, highly recommended that you try to go through as much of it as you can (asking us for help as needed):

just to learn the basics of using quest, it's really needed/useful

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