[SOLVED] Error message when music plays

Each time music plays in the game, I get this error:
System.Exception: Can't play sound that is both synchronous and looped
at TextAdventures.Quest.Player._Closure$__164-0._Lambda$__0()

But the music DOES play. So how do I stop this popup from... popping up?

Thank you in advance for your time and insight.

UPDATE: Making the music no longer loop... broke the map? You couldn't move anywhere. Then when I made them loop again, the map worked again. What the fudge?

UPDATE: I figured it out. I misunderstood what it meant for the game to "wait for sound to finish". What I thought it meant was that it would wait for the last sound to finish before playing the next sound. But really it means to keep the game from progressing until the sound finishes. Hence the original error. If it loops, AND you can't do anything until it stops, there is no game.

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