Hi all,

I would like to place an object under another one, but cannot seem to find any reference to such in the help files.

i.e: I want to place an object under a mattress in this example. When the mattress is lifted or moved, the hidden object becomes visible in order to be interacted with.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks guys and girls.

The hidden object must be set in the same room and then set to be invisible. If the player moves the obvious object, it moves AND makes the hidden object visible.

One thing to learn early when making text games like this - or, indeed, any game - is to avoid thinking in the logical real-world progression.

Rather than making a covering object and then an object below it which can't be seen until you lift up the first object, the logic you need is as simple as 'Player interacts with Object A, Object B becomes visible or moves into the room'.

Object A - Mattress. Add a verb like 'move', or whatever you want. Give it a script, make the first part of the script a print message (code view; msg ("message text goes here in between the brackets and quotations")), then make the second part of the script either 'make object visible' or 'move object to room', where the target object is Object B.

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