How to make a timer?

I'm working on a Quest gamebook with the Windows offline editor. I'd like to add a timer that will activate a script after 60 seconds has passed. Is there a way to do this? Thanks in advance :)

I'd imagine it utilizes the computer clock... so, you'd need to know how to access the computer system... you could also try looking into the quest files/code and see how they do it, if it's in the accessible 'core' files, anyways. If it's built into the quest.exe engine, and you can't get into its code... then you're going to need someone else to help you on how to create a Timer/access the computer systems clock. Maybe it involves the MS API's ( ) for accessing the computer system, but not sure, I just barely learned a bit with Assembly, but not really learned well into accessing the computer system stuff.

Or, Pixie created a hybrid library, a Text Adventure, that looks/feels like a Game Book, but still retains the full functionality of quest/Text Adventure (including/meaning: Timers)

There is a timer function in the UI for text adventures, but not gamebook...
But, here is an idea...
Make a 60 second sound file that has no sound...
There is an option to play a sound file,
then (I think/would expect) you could have a script start after the sound plays...

^^ Although a clever work around it presents a problem when playing on a mobile device as sounds are automatically disabled (IIRC) so it would break the game.

I'd do what HK suggests and use the Quest parser editor to make a CYOA game which means you get all the added functionality. It's fairly easy to hide the parser and create links for everything.

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