Getting Quest to run outside of Windows

Anyone have a Mac who feels like trying to build Quest from the source code?

(If I had a Mac, I'd be all over it, but, alas... no Mac.)


Well, I guess it still wouldn't work, even if it would build...

...but I don't know for sure...

I would guess that if it would build then it would work.

I just spoke with a Mac user who will test it out this weekend.

We shall post the results here.

Meanwhile, I'm studying up on GTK+.

Alex mentioned porting Quest to Linux or Unix by creating a GTK+ interface in one post...

GTK+ seems to be based on XML, too. I'm not 100% on that, I only read about it for a minute yesterday, but I installed Glade, which is the GUI GTK+ application creator, so I'll know for sure very soon.

It would probably be easier to bring Quest JS up to date than it would to port Quest to GTK+, but I'm willing to try both while I've still got all this time on my hands.

Quest actually opened for a second (using PlayOnLinux (front-end for Wine) in Linux Mint):


As soon as I clicked on the text input field to edit the page's text, things went south very quickly, though.

(Still working on this.)


I used winetricks to install dotnet40, along with a few other things.

env WINEPREFIX=~/.wine-quest/  winetricks dotnet40 corefonts lucida

Now, the problem seems to be with interpreting HTML (this is just a guess, the main screen will cause a crash if I don't switch to Create Game within 10 seconds).


I did manage to create a game, though.


The game (warning: it sucks):

This is what happens when I try to play the game I made in my Linux install of Quest:


The game I made works, though.

...I just need to find the missing thing I need to install in that Wine directory to make the HTML and stuff look right.

nice 'star wars' background, laughs

Yeah, that's the Star Wars Edition laptop.

I make it run smoothly (and do things like linking the Linux icons to the Windows icons), and I get to use it sometimes.

It's pretty cool, but I don't like the dark red buttons on the keyboard. They're hard to see. (The F toes are really hard to see.)

Inadvertently dropped an 'F toe' on you, did I?

I apologize for that!

Some folks call them function keys, I call them 'F toes'.

...because I use my F fingers to reach up there and hit them, and you know that one Monty Python bit? When the guy had toes for fingers, and he kept inadvertently popping the 'F toe' up at people?


I just went from Star Wars to Python in a single bound.

I apologize for that!

Inadvertently dropped 'in a single bound' on you, huh?

Sorry about that, kiddies.

I forgot that Superman is all dark and mean and moody now... the Skywalker boys.

Those guys' emotions are in control. Great fear I sense in them!

And we all know that FEAR IS A GATEWAY EMOTION!

ALSO (not necessarily) IN THE NEWS

It looks like I could get Quest to play games under Wine if i install quite a few things with winetricks (which just downloads the files from the Microsoft site and installs them into the .wine directory/drive).

I'm not sure, though...

Still messing with that.

Inadvertently dropped 'in a single bound' on you, huh?

You know, there are people who think Superman could always fly, rather than gaining that power (like most of them) in a later reboot or retcon.
I wonder if they ever thought about how "leap tall buildings in a single bound" would be noteworthy if he could also fly.

Jumping high was just as awesome as flying back then, but more believable (I guess).

A flying human is impossible without wings or a jet pack. You can launch yourself into orbit with enough strength, which is equivalent to flying. That may explain something. One wonders why he can fly (and stop) in outer space, though (super writing...).

Watch the first few episodes of One Punch Man, an anime, for an example.

Still trying to make the games actually play...

The story so far:

In Linux Mint, I followed the following steps:

  • run sudo apt-get install winbind

  • also install wine, wine-mono, and wine_gecko, if you don't have them already

  • download the latest release of winetricks from GitHub

  • run winetricks dotnet40

  • download quest571.exe

  • run wine quest571.exe to install Quest

  • run wine .wine/drive_c/Program\ Files\ \(x86\)/Quest\ 5/Quest.exe

  • HURRY UP and click where the 'Create' tab would be, and make a game as I normally would in Windows



I still can't get a game to play. I got past the last error, and now it says the system has no voice.

Maybe I can get QuestJS to run under Wine...

Then, we could make a game in the desktop editor, compile it to a website with QuestJS, then play it anywhere.

This would lead me back to QuestJS, which is where I should be tinkering around right now, anyway.

Functions to add... The verb menus are still kicking my but, too...

I think the SetTimeout would be easy...

I've learned a lot of JS in the past month (thanks to mrangel, Alex, Pix, and Jay posting example code).


More on this as it comes in....

Here are the Quest JSfiles I'm working with at the moment (Windows only, I'm afraid):

If anyone sees any improvements that could be made, please point them out, and I shall promptly add them.

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