Text not showing in game

Hi All,

I'm trying to create a choose your own adventure game and am having some issues.

Sometimes when I play the game and select an option the story text for the following stage doesn't show, yet the selection options do show.

Do you know a fix for this? I've tried deleting the page and doing it again, changing the title etc. When I check the debugger, it says the description is there but it's just not displaying.

Any thoughts?



Can you show a ga,e that exhibits this problem?
I've never heard of this happening before, so there must be something in the game which is causing this.

Think I managed to figure it out.

When I uploaded my draft so far I noticed those pages had an 'L SEP' error. On investigation, it seems its an error in the code that's not recognising the line breaks. So, I found the problematic spot and coded in a html break
which seems to have sorted the problem. Thanks anyway :)

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