Game stylesheets?

Hi! I've just started using Quest to make a text adventure, and one thing I've noticed while checking out a few of the ones other people have made, is all the text adventures, appearance wise, all look pretty similar, while the gamebooks often have flashy stylesheets, among other things.

Is this a gamebook-only feature, or can I make my text adventure look pretty, too? I'd rather not have Times New Roman on a white background when I host my game.

You can change the appearance easily; maybe you happened to try a few text adventures from authors who don't think that much about it.

Most of the games I've made are tests for some feature, so they look the same. The exception is Circus, which is a remake of a game I played in the 80s, so I made it look as much like the Commodore 16 version as I could.

The "Game" object has two tabs that will be of interest to you: Display and Interface. Going through these options will allow you to quickly change up the basic look of your game: margins, fonts, colors. This is a good place to start with Quest's built-in functionality. I know there are ways to hard code CSS into your game as well, but that will be for someone above my paygrade to explain.

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