Grid Panel map not hiding like i hoped

I was given this line of code to hide the map:

JS.eval("$('#gridPanel').css('display', 'none');")

and this one to show the map:

JS.eval("$('#gridPanel').css('display', 'block');")

I'm using this in the game Enter Room global script so that in rooms that match a HasAttribute() condition then they will hide/show the map accordingly. This all works.

However the issue I have is that I want to regain the top half of the screen for text content in the rooms where the map is hidden, however with the hiding line all it does is just hide the map but keeps it's space occupying the screen which is not what I was hoping for.

Anyone know how to do this on the gridPanel css?

Okay never mind, it does work once you have enough text on the screen to push it off the top of the screen during a text scroll, whereas if the map was still displaying that space would still be allocated to the map and the text scroll would occur beneath it as before.

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