Ask/Tell tab doesn't show

I want my player to ask another character a question, like... "Ask Derendil about fungi". However, when I use the verbs to do so, it doesn't work. Naturally, players would have to say "Ask Derendil about fungi Derendil" since you need to specify who you are asking the question to, and the verbs don't pick up that it already said "Derendil" in the middle of the sentence. I tried making a verb called "ask", and it told me the verb would clash with the ask, and that I could use the ask/tell tab to help me. However, there is no Ask/Tell tab that I can see... Just setup, object, inventory, verbs, features, and objects... Please help!

Under Game / Features, the 6th item down needs to be checked in order for the ASK/TELL tab to show.

Someone else had this problem, and I am wondering if we should change Quest to put it in the obvious place. Would anyone object strongly? It would mean that when Quest is updated (not any time soon!), you would have to go through your game and activate the feature for your NPCs.

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