HELP PLEASE! Quest overwritting save file [Solved]

I just spent a good 3 days making a game and I go to publish it. To make the file size smaller I decided to delete all the code and then just publish the intro. But when I closed the file without even saving, the program overwrite the file and now there's nothing there when I did manually save. Is there anything I can do?! Please help me, thank you for reading. :(

Solution: Quest stores temporary saved files here; C:\Users(YourUserName)\AppData\Local\Temp\Quest
I got everything back!

Sadly... I don't think so...
Kinda late, but, what you should have copied your game, and deleted the parts from that...
(live and learn... we've all been there.)

Oh my god. That's such a stupid function. No program should save when you exit it without pulling up a prompt asking if you want to save or not. That'll be noted. u_u

It's not that Quest autosaves when you exit, it's that Quest autosaves periodically within the editor (without telling you). It would be nice if there was a setting within the editor that allowed you to toggle this autosave feature on or off, but that's not going to happen.

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