Exit not appear in compass when changing alias

Main Case : Exit not appear in compass when changing alias

  • My Expected Result : When changing exits alias, that exits applied to compass type that i choose
  1. I create exits with down type
  2. Change alias to downstair
    Result : Exit not appear in compass when changing alias, any ideas or solution ?

Additional Case : Can I hide/switch off the exits list, but still have the compass buttons for the exits?
My Temporary solution is by turn off the exit list and manually inserting exit link in room description, you can look here for Reference after searching in forum https://textadventures.co.uk/forum/quest/topic/3648/exits-in-room-description but i am still not satisfied because i must type the list of all direction manually everytime i create new room / map.

Any other suggestion guys or a way?

You could add "stairs" to the exit's suffix, that would give you "down stairs"...
"Additional Case :"...
Not sure what you are trying to do here...
Not show the "list of exits", but NOT wanting to type in all the exit links in every room???
Either show the "You can go:" exit list...
Hide the exit list and make your own exit:link in the room description...

"You can go:..." does all the exits for you.
But, IF you want the exits listed in your room description, then YES, you need to type EVERY SINGLE EXIT LINK...
But, at least you can control how, when, and where the exit is described.
Just check out my Lathan's Gold... (When finished shortly...) I have EVERY exit in the room description...
But I'm debating on showing the compass...


DL seems to have covered the exit list stuff, so on to the compass buttons . . .

A list of the only exits which have corresponding compass buttons:

  • N
  • S
  • W
  • E
  • UP
  • DOWN
  • IN
  • OUT

The compass is an HTML table. Its elements are coded to match the directions listed above. There is no "downstair" button, so it doesn't show up on the compass. There should, however, be a "Downstairs" listed in the Places & Objects pane, if I'm not misremembering. (If you're feeling really froggy, you can edit the games HTML code with JS to manipulate the compass buttons, but I'd advise against it unless you like to adjust the same bit of code 100 times until you get it to look right on your computer, only to find out that it looks totally different on everyone else's computer due to different screen resolutions.)

Anyway, I would leave the "down" exit intact. Then, create a command in the room with the command pattern descend;descend stair;descend stairs;downstair;downstairs and code the script to move the player object to the correct room (which I assume would be the room down from the current room).

Also, I would create a "stair" (or "stairs") object. Then add a verb with the command pattern descend;down;go down and script that to move the player object to the correct room. (OR you could create an extra "downstair" or "stair" non-directional exit in the room, but the player couldn't examine it that way.)





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