Making a HTML character select dialogue panel that imports attribute data

Hello everyone. I am making an RPG that uses The Pixie's CombatLib. I am setting it up so that the player will run through a series of questions that initially determine their race, class, gender, etc.. Once the player finishes answering these questions, I want to make it so that a dialogue panel will appear (I am using The Pixie's character creation dialogue as a base), and the player will be given a chance to change their initial selection with this panel, as well as allocate a few stat points on top of the base stats of their selected class.

I have some (rusty) knowledge of HTML, but I am wondering if what I am attempting to do is even possible. First of all, the data from the initial question selection would need to be put into and represented in the dialogue box (i.e the name they typed in earlier instead of Skybird, the bubble for male selected if they picked male, and their Attributes starting off with a few preassigned points based on class). I am fairly certain I can figure this out. However, if I want the player to be able to reassign their class using this box, their base stats will have to change to reflect said class.

I initially had the simple idea to use a different ccdialogue box for each class, with different base stats for each class, but that would prevent the player from having the option to change their class. While writing this, the idea occurred to me to represent the base stats using +1, +2, etc. next to the free stat point allocations. If there was some way to have them shift places based on the class that the player has bubbled in, I think this would be possible.

Yes, it's possible.

I have Hegemonkhan's character maker code!

msg ("What is your name?")
get input {
  game.pov.alias = result
  msg (" - " + game.pov.alias)
  show menu ("What is your gender?", split ("male;female" , ";"), false) {
    game.pov.gender = result
    show menu ("What is your race?", split ("human;dwarf;elf" , ";"), false) {
      game.pov.race = result
      show menu ("What is your class?", split ("warrior;cleric;mage;thief" , ";"), false) {
        game.pov.class = result
        msg (game.pov.alias + " is a " + game.pov.gender + " " + game.pov.race + " " + game.pov.class + ".")
        wait {

I would also ask ThePixie what he thinks. He has made the game Deeper 2.0, which also has character customization with RPG stats.

Thanks jmnevil, but I have that part of my code mostly set up already. The difficult part comes in when I am trying to take the attributes from that and put them into a HTML dialogue box.

As for ThePixie, the dialogue box I am using utilizes the same character customization dialogue box as Deeper, which he made available in his CombatLib guide (, but I am hoping to modify it. His input would definitely help.

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