Quest 5.7 and language support

I hope to release Quest 5.7 next month. It will have quite a few new features, but only things I can change in the .aslx files and JavaScript; I have yet to get to grips with the underlying C# so that is not changed.

To support the update, it would be great if all the language files can be updated before it goes live. German and Spanish are covered, but if anyone could do some translations for other languages, that would be excellent.

If any of these are not clear, please ask.

<template name="Nothing">nothing</template>
<template name="SelfAlt">me; myself; self</template>

<!-- Possessives -->
<template name="NeutralPossessive">its</template>
<template name="MalePossessive">his</template>
<template name="FemalePossessive">her</template>
<template name="SelfPossessive">your</template>
<template name="NeutralPluralPossessive">their</template>
<template name="MalePluralPossessive">their</template>
<template name="FemalePluralPossessive">their</template>

<!-- Clothing -->
<dynamictemplate name="WearSuccessful">"You put " + object.article + " on."</dynamictemplate>
<dynamictemplate name="WearUnsuccessful">"You can't wear " + object.article + "."</dynamictemplate>
<dynamictemplate name="CannotWearIfNotHeld">"You would need to get it before you can put it on."</dynamictemplate>
<dynamictemplate name="CannotRemoveIfNotHeld">"You would need to get it before you can take it off."</dynamictemplate>
<dynamictemplate name="AlreadyWearing">"You are already wearing " + object.article + "."</dynamictemplate>
<dynamictemplate name="CannotRemoveIfNotWearing">"You are not wearing " + object.article + "."</dynamictemplate>
<dynamictemplate name="NotRemovable">"You cannot remove " + object.article + "!"</dynamictemplate>
<dynamictemplate name="CannotWearOver">"You cannot wear that over " + GetDisplayGarment(object) + "."</dynamictemplate>
<dynamictemplate name="CannotWearWith">"You cannot wear that while wearing " + GetDisplayGarment(object) + "."</dynamictemplate>
<dynamictemplate name="RemoveSuccessful">"You take " + object.article + " off."</dynamictemplate>
<dynamictemplate name="RemoveFirst">"You can't remove that while wearing " + GetDisplayGarment(object) + "."</dynamictemplate>
<template name="wornmodifier">worn</template>

 <template name="Wear">Wear</template>
 <verbtemplate name="wear">put #object# on</verbtemplate>
<verbtemplate name="wear">wear</verbtemplate>
<verbtemplate name="wear">put on</verbtemplate>
<verbtemplate name="wear">don</verbtemplate>

 <template name="Remove">Remove</template>
 <verbtemplate name="remove">take #object# off</verbtemplate>
<verbtemplate name="remove">remove</verbtemplate>
<verbtemplate name="remove">take off</verbtemplate>
<verbtemplate name="remove">doff</verbtemplate>

ETA: Added the worn modifier template, which I had forgotten, and changed three dynamic templates to use GetDisplayGarment(object) rather than object.display, so prefixes and suffixes are added appropriately.

ETA2: Modified the verb templates, having discovered they can include #object#.

Bumping this to see if we can get any more languages updated. So far, Spanish and German have been done.

Just wondering what we have to do to "convert" our games created in Quest 5.6.3 so that they are compatible with 5.7?

Usually the updates are backward compatible (i.e. - you don't need to do anything)

As Silver says, it should be backwards compatible.

Should we delete the old libraries, or just leave 'em?

Is this too dumb a question, haha?

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