Combat Library and Wearables

More Combat Library questions! This time, I'm interested in working out how Combat Library is altering the Wearables tab, as I can't seem to work it out. The Combat tab is easy enough, and I've been able to add things as I desire to monsters, weapons, etc. But I can't figure out how to do the same for the wearables tab, where I'd like to set up a few more options for my own benefit when it comes to giving an item bonuses, etc. Where do I need to look?

You need to tick a box on the Features tab of the game object, then look on the Wearables tab.

Uh... oh! OH I see now. I thought Combat Library was adding those things, rather than them just being already in. For the record I know those features are in, just got confused as to their source - which is what I was looking for, so I can customize some things in the code for ease of use later on down the line. When it came to setting this up on my current game, I completely forgot the advanced wearables options had to turned on. So I'm looking at the core wearables library of 5.7.1/2, got it. I should be fine now, cheers!

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