Random Question: Pong


Okay. So, I don't know what I'm doing programming-wise, so I'm mostly feeling out if this is even possible with quest. My vision is having a scene where there is a pop-up menu within which you can play a simple javascript program similar to the old school pong game. Is that a thing that would even be possible?

I, of course, have no idea but I'm starting to really look forward to seeing your game! :)


Ha. Thanks >_<


I guess the idea would be having a pop-up like this:

But with the Javascript pong game inside of it. I am having trouble wrapping my head around how to do this.

I would look to do it inside a JQuery dialogue:

Putting the game into Quest would be pretty simple. The difficult part is coding the game. I do not doubt it is possible, but some tricky JavaScripting.

Now I'm imagining a ball bouncing around the output area, obliterating text as it goes, but you can maybe placate it by bouncing it off the cursor at the bottom :p

Now I'm imagining the input bar transformed into a little spaceship that shoots the text in the output area!

Quest: Space Invaders


Thank you. I'm going to put this on the backburner and think about it.

Quest: Space Invaders

Holy fudge!!!

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