playing multiple videos: A simple solution

I have gotten the engine I am building to play multiple videos. It is probably not the most elegant, but it is a proof of concept

game UI Init a divId counter

this.divId = 0

advanced load command add counter value to the div declaration,

msg (Chr(60) + "div id=\"player-div" + game.divId +"\">" + Chr(60) +"/div>")

mrangelFunction replace text in room.desription to increment the div declaration.

jstring = Replace(jstring, "player-div", "player-div" + game.divId)

advanced load command edit the play button creation text to append the divId value

msg (Chr(60) + "button id=\"play" + game.divId + "\" class=\"btn\" role=\"button\">Play " + Chr(60) + "/button>")

mrangelFunction add another replace function call to increment the jquery id call to match the button id

jstring = Replace(jstring,"#play", "#play" + game.divId )

is there another way to do this?
Will this cause any problems inside quest as the game progresses?

"-" egoproctor

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