Object verb box CSS

I've managed to remove the border from the pop-up verb list on objects using div.jj_menu_item and div.jjmenu but does anyone know how I'd unlist them so that they show on the same line, as in?

Look / Take

Instead of:


Unfortunately I'd then need a | or / to separate the words, so if anyone knows how I'd do that too.

I'm getting there slowly, and hopefully I may just get away with using Quest's default linked object interaction instead of writing my own.

I've now customised the verb list so that it pops up left-aligned with the room's description instead of hooked on the corner of the object name, by adding margin: 0px 0px 0px -39px; to div.jjmenu

I just need a way of putting the verbs on the same line now.

[edit] And it's just occurred to be that the negative margin value is reliant on the position of the object link within the body text.

Maybe text-align: left; is the answer.

[edit] text-align: left; isn't the answer, so if anyone knows of a way to left align the object verb list with the room description that'd be great.

Plan B.

I use big margins either side of my game widow so it would be quite nice if I could use CSS to have the object verb list pop up to the left of the main game area.

i.e (assuming bread has been clicked): https://s30.postimg.org/52xydqmwx/object_verbs.jpg

[edit] I've now discovered float: left; puts the verbs on the same line, but if I want them to appear in what is effectively a sidebar, I'll want them in a column as is the default.

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