Very laggy online?

Hello all, super-newbie here -- I'm trying to create a text-adventure companion to a Zoom murder mystery party I'm throwing, so the goal is to have teams collaborate on a text adventure mystery in real time (while in character).

I made a short tutorial/preview and it works fine, but when I uploaded it, the connection is very unpredictable -- sometimes it lags so bad it just stops. That doesn't seem to be the case with other games that I see posted here... Is there something I can do to cut down on lag?

fwiw my tutorial/preview is here --

P.S. Even putting together the lil' preview is the most fun I've had since the pandemic started. So glad to have found this...

This looks cool.

Is there any chance you can download the game? Playing online has always proven a bit laggy and intermittent and as far as I know, it always will be that way. Downloading the game to run on the system will prevent any lag whatsoever.

But, sounds fun. I want to go to your party!

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