Fighting Fantasy books

Hi there.

I used to run the Unofficial Fighting Fantasy Forum way back when, and am a huge fan of the series, especially the core single player story books.

I wondered what restrictions there may be on recreating the books in Quest, with or without their artwork?

If they are properly credited, and the books aren't sold, would they be allowed to be published from the desktop app for free, as a fan translation to Quest?

I've got a dice rolling routine and everything for these, with a built in adventure sheet and encounters box!

Legally, fan translations require the permission of the copyright holder.

I think it probably falls into pretty much the same bucket as recreating games for an obsolete computer system. As in, it's not legal, but there's nobody who could effectively sue you over it.

Unless the books are still in print (I'm not sure if they are), in which case the author could be losing money each time someone decides to play your one instead. But practically, the big question is probably "will they care?"

Well, I suppose the worst that could happen is that we're asked to take them down.

Thanks for the reply in any case!

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